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Raised Flooring

Fully accessible raised access floor systems offer great flexibility on how a workspace can be used and can be reconfigured as circumstances change.
The ability to re-route services, such as data and power cabling delivers great versatility, creates an open plan environment and is a cost-effective solution for current and future business requirements.
There are a wide choice of systems and all have high quality, durable and aesthetic floor finishes available to suit. 

Moveable Wall Systems

Moveable wall systems provide flexibility and functionality optimising the use of available space. The systems provide a cost-effective solution, dividing spaces quickly and effortlessly with a wide range of stacking arrangements and panel options available, including inset pass doors to maximise flexibility. Walls can be top hung, no floor track required, giving an unbroken floor surface and can be designed to suit any requirement.

Demountable Folding Partitions

Demountable framed partition systems offer angular aluminium profiles, whilst incorporating high acoustic performance and fire protection; they can be installed in almost any interior as an attractive and versatile solution to space creation.
Available in steel stud and plasterboard drywall construction surrounded by an aluminium profile framework, finished with trims to compliment any design.
Double Layered plasterboard systems can provide up to 690/60 fire performance in both blazed and solid modules, together with an acoustic attainment of up to 52dB (Rw).