Rockon Mono Acoustic Ceiling Systems

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Mono Acoustic TE is an innovative, seamless, monolithic ceiling and wall lining system with high acoustic absorption that has revolutionised the interiors industry. It is the perfect choice to accompany all types of glass partitioning, be it single glazed or double glazed partitions, cutting out noise disturbance.
Mono Acoustic TE is a modern and simple solution giving install flexibility with high sound absorption, echo reduction and provides a significant decrease in reverberation time, together with speech intelligibility enhancement for rooms large or small.  It’s unique acoustic properties adsorbs sound and contributes to the tranquillity of the room, with the added benefits of the classic stone wool properties of fire safety, moisture resistance and dimensional stability.
The flexibility Mono Acoustic TE provides means that it works perfectly alongside glass partitioning and can be installed on suspended grid or directly fixed to existing ceiling and wall, making this fast, easy and accessible.  It allows for the incorporation of light wells and easily integrates every type of lighting, air-conditioning and ventilation systems. The Mono Acoustic render creates a seamless appearance and whether in white or bespoke colour will enhance any room. 

Acoustic Comfort, Elegance and Design Flexibility. The perfect choice to sound proofing glass partitioning.