Banded Partitions

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A contemporary product fulfilling the latest interior design trend for industrial effect glass partitioning. The banded effect has the flexibility of a standard glazed partition whilst providing the visual appearance of an industrial split frame installation. This is an easy-to-use component that helps create a structured, industrial look to frameless glass partitions, a stylish way to compliment any modern office fit-out.


  • Provide an art deco, stylish finish.
  • Available in single- or double-glazed glass.
  • Give your space an industrial, modern look.
  • Crossbar and grid patterns can be modified.
  • Various styles and colours available.
  • Flexible and demountable- can be easily reconfigured to suit your layout.

Important details:

  • Stick on 3m or aluminium available on both single- and double-glazed systems

Single glazed:

  • Available in 10mm or 12mm clear toughened glass (Sound protection up to33dB).
  • Available in 10.8mm or 12.8mm acoustic laminate glass (Sound protection up to 38dB).
  • Available with 25mm Channels.
  • Available with frameless, framed or timber doors.
  • Available in 30- and 60-minute fire-rated glass.
  • Partition Framework – Slim, minimal appearance to the head and base track (25mm). Standard colours are white (RAL 9010) or silver (RAL 9006). Other colours are available on request.


Double glazed:

  • 10/12mm toughened glass (41dB).
  • 10.8/ 12.8 acoustic laminate glass (44dB).
  • 12.8/12.8mm acoustic laminate glass (48dB).
  • 68mm or 105mm track.
  • Single or doubled glazed glass doors or timber doors in frames.
  • Available in 30- and 60-minute fire-rated glass.
  • Framework – Slim minimal appearance floor and ceiling tracks to take two layers of glass. Standard colours are RAL9010 or silver RAL9006. Other colours are available on request.
We can supply and install a range of fire-rated glass partitions, glass fire screens, and fire-rated glass doors.



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