Double Glazed Partitions

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With a similar look to single glazed partitions, double glazed partitions are one of the best materials that can be used for noise reduction. Using double glazed partitions will ensure that individuals are working in a focused environment without the distraction of outside noise. Using a double-glazed partition system will ensure you achieve both the modern feel created by glass partitions, at the maximum sound retention.


  • Maximise the light in the room and create the illusion of a bright open space.
  • Improve on sound insulation.
  • Provide extra confidentiality for meeting rooms/ offices.
  • Modern designs.
  • Cost-effective.
  • No damage to existing building fixtures.
  • Flexible and demountable- can be easily reconfigured to suit your layout.

If you are looking for a glass office partition to achieve an acoustic performance the guide below gives indicative levels of what can be achieved using configurations of glass thicknesses in single or double glazed applications.

There are many factors that can affect the performance of a partition wall including flanking sound traveling above a suspended ceiling, air grills, conditioning ductwork, and transition details between walls. Most tested systems will tend to perform up to 5dB better in a test environment than in an installation. Please contact our experienced staff who will be pleased to provide assistance.


Weighted Sound Reduction Index (Rw) Speech Privacy Level System
25dB Normal speech can be overheard

Single Glazed

30dB Loud speech can be heard clearly

Single Glazed

35dB Loud speech can be heard and distinguished in normal conditions

Single Glazed

40dB Loud speech can be heard but not distinguished

Double Glazed

45dB Loud speech can be heard faintly but not distinguished

Double Glazed

50dB Loud speech can only be heard faintly with great difficulty

Double Glazed


Important details:

  • 10/12mm toughened glass (41dB).
  • 10.8/ 12.8 acoustic laminate glass (44dB).
  • 12.8/12.8mm acoustic laminate glass (48dB).
  • 68mm or 105mm track.
  • Single or double glazed glass doors or timber doors in frames.
  • Available in 30- and 60-minute fire-rated glass.
  • Framework – Slim minimal appearance floor and ceiling tracks to take two layers of glass. Standard colours are RAL9010 or silver RAL9006. Other colours are available on request.
We can supply and install a range of fire-rated glass partitions, glass fire screens, and fire-rated glass doors.



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