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All glass partitions MUST have a filmed manifestation to comply with Building Regulations. You can have simple designs like dots or squares or use your own design, see the gallery below for some examples.

As part of DDA requirements, part M1 or M2 glazed screens require a clearly defined manifestation on the glass at two levels 850 to 1000mm and 1400-1600mm contrasting visually with the background seen through the glass (both from inside and outside) in all lighting conditions.

Manifestation takes the form of a logo or signs at least 150mm high or a decorative feature such as broken lines or continuous bands at least 50mm high.

Manifestations give an opportunity to be creative providing uniqueness and individuality and The Glass Office People can help you with your requirements by offering standard DDA dots or squares if necessary or can provide logos or signs along with a full range of decorative manifestations or graphics.

Important details:

  • Wide range available all DDA Compliant.
  • Dots or squares.
  • 1200mm band.
  • Company logos.
  • Frosted or coloured.

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